When it comes to programming languages, Java is still the best one to use. Although a lot of other languages have come out of the market, nothing beats Java because of its uniqueness and the important features that come with it. This article will enumerate some of the advantages of using Java. If you are an experienced user, you may also want to share some tips and tricks that you have learned so that beginners will be able to appreciate more the beauty of Java. This is not a tutorial but this will show you how convenient it is to use Java.

One of the biggest advantages of Java programming is that it is ubiquitous which means that it can be found everywhere. It can be incorporated in different platforms such as Android and other major operating systems. If you are a developer of applications, you would find out that using Java makes life easier because it can adapt to anywhere you want to put it.  Aside from application development, maintenance of platform is also done by the programming language. The most popular web browsers also use Java.


Need I say more?

Another advantage that is very unique to Java is that it is very portable. Not all languages can brag about this. What is the use of this portability? Well, this would allow the programmers to write codes for a single time and then they can run the codes anywhere they want to. If you know how a programmer works, you would realize that this is a huge advantage because writing codes can be very tedious. If you are able to use your codes over and over again, then your job would be much easier. Let this be known to all programmers and surely, they will start switching to Java.

Java programming is very much secure. The person who invented the language made sure that security is the top priority. Even if Java is not familiar with a certain code, it will not be able to infect the system because the virus is blocked so as not to infect the host. It also protects your files from being edited or read by a certain code so you need not worry about getting hacked. This security is very important especially if you are working with something that needs a lot of privacy. Bugs and other errors can be easily fixed because of some features that make Java very capable of correcting mistakes.

Java is also very user-friendly. You can actually learn to use it by yourself. You just need to search for tutorials online and you can already start using it. There are a lot of guides that can be accessed for free as long as you are patient enough to find them. Although some people would find programming very complicated, using Java would definitely change their opinions on the subject. Now, more and more people can become familiar with programming. Isn’t it interesting to know how certain applications work?